COLE launches #ExceptionalCareer Series

What are the leadership perspectives and tools for building an exceptional career?  The #ExceptionalCareers Series is a catalyst to create a movement redefining career success as one of meaning, purpose, and growth. #ExceptionalCareer Series is geared for millennials, and inspired by the challenges that undergraduate and MBA students wrestle with.

The series draws on perspectives from different leaders to give tips and how-tos, and captured in pieces such as: Giving You the Edge for Success, where Frances Hesselbein, CEO and President of the Hesselbein Institute (pictured), among others shared their thoughts on “Exceptional Careers”. For Frances, an exceptional career is one that provides an opportunity to serve. It is a satisfying career in which you can’t wait to get up in the morning to begin! You have a sense of purpose and mission. You know why you do what you do. It is a response to a call to serve. Once we do that, everything flows positively. When I choose what I do, I ask,does it make a difference?

The series is housed in the Huffington Post –