The Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE) is a premier academic center at the Fuqua School of Business that focuses on talent and knowledge development in the ethical leadership context. COLE’s mission is to empower leaders of consequence to change the world through knowledge and connections.

As a leadership laboratory, COLE brings cutting edge insights and fosters a learning culture that in turn, produces genuine and sustainable excellence.  We draw insights from research and practice that are infused into our student experiences.  Hence, we focus on mindset, skillset and identity of leadership of which collaboration and teamwork are key.

Our philosophy is that “leadership without ethics has no heart and ethics without leadership has no legs.” COLE produces entrepreneurial leaders of exceptional character, ethically grounded and possessed of a global mindset. These leaders will inspire their followers to meet and exceed an organization’s goals through actions that are, at one and the same time, highly productive and highly ethical, while continuously serving the best interests of all the organization’s stakeholders. We call these remarkable individuals ‘Leaders of Consequence’.

Fuqua/Duke is one of the leading institutions for developing leaders of consequence for businesses and the greater society through COLE’s co-curricular commitment to ethical leadership, and our range of programs for students, practitioners, and scholars.

COLE was established as a partnership among the Fuqua School of BusinessDuke University Athletics and Kenan Institute for Ethics.