COLE Leadership Fellows – Awards and Recognition

Because of the work our COLE Leadership Fellows do and the leadership they exhibit, several fellows receive recognition for their leadership and service to Fuqua. The following Class of 2018 COLE Leadership Fellows were recognized for their leadership and service at the 2017 annual Daytime MBA Awards Ceremony.

  1. Melissa BletteAsa T. Spaulding Sr. Award for Leadership. This award honors one student who has been recognized by his/her peers as” having gone above and beyond the call of duty to have a long-lasting impact on the community through his/her leadership efforts.”
  2. Luke Fangman– Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes a second-year student who “has provided outstanding service to the School or the greater community through clubs, symposia, volunteer work, or elected positions, and who has done so in a respectful and courteous manner.”
  3. Candace Armand, Ralph Caprio, Samantha Dina, Hannah Ford, Michelle Hardy, Judy Merzbach, Alli Ossa, Susan Sasu, Lou Scerra, Kevin Walton – Deans’ Recognition Awards. This award is presented annually to students who have provided truly exemplary service to Fuqua.

Past Award Recipients

Alan D. Schwartz Award for Mentorship
Aiyappa Maruvanda (MBA’17), Brian Van Winkle (MBA’14), Michael Bruno (MBA’13), J.P. Higgins (MBA’12), David Phillips (MBA’11), Shaun Horrigan (MBA’10), Amber Marzuola (MBA’09)

ASA T. Spaulding Sr. Award  

David Gross (MBA’17), Samantha Brody (MBA’14), Matt Lehigh (MBA’11), Vibhor Chhabra (MBA’09), Stephanie Nelson (MBA’07)

Dean’s Recognition Awards 

Owen Boyce, John Huisman, Noelle Kelly, Evelyn Kim, James Kozlow, Jennifer Miller, Libby Rybacki, Nick Williams (MBA’17)

Reginald Benbow, Anna Doherty, Kevin Doyle, Andee Hendee, Emily Jackson, Jennifer Lueck, Margaret Munford, Colin Nangle, Melody O’Conor, John Park, and Lauren Wetzel (MBA’16)

Molly Beck, Sarah Feagels, Lee Kornfeld, Rae Krucoff, Elle Nichols, Mike Rybacki (MBA’14)

Kirsten Hagfors, Jacqueline Harris, Maria Rodriguez (MBA’13)

Alicia Hummel, Sarah Varki (MBA’12)

Nadia Berrio, Shal Chowdhury, Allison Mooney, Garner Rivard (MBA’11); Matt McLain, Melanie Oberman (MBA’10)

Robin Abramowitz, Dan Aycock, Pamela Goldberg, Steve Misuraca, Claire Ramich, Diana Tyler (MBA’09)

Aparupa Bhattachraya, Mary Garris, Laura Simonson, Suzanne Steffens (MBA’08)

Distinguished Service Award

Alejandra Rossi (MBA’17), Jessica Davlin (MBA’16) Benjamin van der Horst (MBA’13), Brian Alvo (MBA’11), Chris Krummel (MBA’10), Susan Hazard (MBA’08), Lisa Previte (MBA’07)

Keohane Award for Leadership

Kate Luce (co-recipient, MBA’15), Colin Joyner (MBA’13), Mark Stern (MBA’12), Barr Blanton, Rex Morey (MBA’11), Jim Kim, Anne Riley (MBA’10), Vince Right, Barri Stiber (MBA’09)

Team Fuqua Award

Aparupa Bhattachraya (MBA’08)

Club of the Year Award

Noelle Kelly (co-recipient; MBA’17)

Reginald Benbow (co-recipient, MBA’16),  Amy Laverdiere, Bobby Brenman (MBA’09)