Executive Education Programs

Duke Leadership Program: The Duke Leadership Program (DLP) provides a framework for understanding and improving your individual leadership style and developing competency in Six Domains of Leadership. The program draws on research in organizational behavior, sociology, psychology, and political science and incorporates a 360-degree personal assessment that explores how you lead, and identifies your challenges and opportunities. Throughout the week and after the program you’ll work one-on-one with an experienced executive coach to develop a customized leadership plan that can be implemented immediately.  Learn more and register for a DLP program.

Duke Management Program: The Duke Management Program (DMP) teaches you the management fundamentals that will help you achieve better performance from your employees and processes. The course is taught by Fuqua Professors Allan Lind and Sim Sitkin (designers of the long-standing Duke Leadership Program). Learn more and register for a DMP program.

Duke Executive MBA Programs: Cross Continent, Global Executive and Weekend Executive