COLE Thought-Pieces

The Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE) contributes to the national discourse on issues of consequence and provides leadership development tools for students, scholars and practitioners. Our COLE Thought-Pieces, featured in high-level national and academic publications, center around topics such as: leadership, ethics, social impact, networking, culture building, value creation, collaboration and team work.

Dialogue Review

Care and Compassion need to be Hard-wired into Digital Systems

Build a Culture of Hope

This is a moment for Personal and Organizational Reinvention

Who Will You Be?

Longing to Belong

Innovation Can’t Happen Unless you Trust your Team

Give Your People The Freedom To Fly

Faith & Leadership

Bill George: Leaders must develop the qualities of the heart


Got The Imposter Syndrome?

Why We Fail To See What’s In Plain Sight

3 Lessons From Sports For Effective Storytelling

An Inside Look At The Heart Of The Denver Broncos

Super Bowl 50: Leading Innovation At Levi’s Stadium (An interview with Al Guido, President, San Francisco 49ers and COLE Leadership Circle member)

Cultivating Innovation and Trust: Interview with US Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Bob McDonald

Gen. Martin Dempsey, The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, On Leadership Development

Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs, On The Networked World

How Coach K Wins Consistently

You Can Only Win in Sports, or Anywhere Else, if You’re Ready for Chaos

6 Surprising Ways You Can Lead Through Questions


Escaping the Networking Rut: Why Good Leaders Keep Unlikely Company

Why We Need a Few Good Men

Women, Leadership, and Sports: Looking back on London 2012

Harvard Business Review

How to Think About Building Your Legacy (Kim Wade-Benzoni)

The Stretch Goal Paradox (Sim Sitkin)

Huffington Post

Being a Woman MBA candidate is a Beautiful Thing

Lessons Leaders Can Learn from the British Royal family

Go Get Offended. It’ll Be Good For Us All

A Winning Message for Sports and Business — Restore Credibility!

A Personal Look at Nelson Mandela: How He Valued Relationships and Lifted Up Children as a Societal Priority

Change Is Happening for Women in the Sport Industry

Leadership Lessons From the British Royal Family

Want to Be a More Effective Leader? Start by Stepping Into Your Followers’ Shoes

Go Get Offended: It’ll Be Good for Us All

A Winning Message for Sports and Business — Restore Credibility!

#ExceptionalCareer Series (Huffington Post)

#ExceptionalCareers Series: The NCAA Tournament and How to Talk Sports

#ExceptionalCareers Series: Enron and the Company Culture Factor in our Career Choices

#ExceptionalCareers Series: What You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Do in Negotiations

#ExceptionalCareers Series: The Requirements of Courage and Competence

#ExceptionalCareers Series: Integrating Profession and Purpose

#ExceptionalCareers Series: How to Be a Creative Altruist

#ExceptionalCareers Series: Who Are Your Champions And Have You Thanked Them?

#ExceptionalCareers Series: The $100 Million Choice

#ExceptionalCareers Series: Giving You the Edge for Success


Every Superhero Needs an Origin Story. You Need One Too!

Are you including men in the conversation on gender equality?

Focusing on Specific Skills Is Not Enough. Here’s What You Also Need

US Veterans Affairs Secretary (Bob McDonald): Don’t Ask Me How to Become A CEO: Focus on This Instead 

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Taylor Swift And Other Game Changers

How Watching March Madness can Boost your career

3 Ways that Coach K Creates Adaptive Teams

What Hillary’s Campaign Video Tells Us About Leadership in 2015

5 Leadership Lessons I Learned from Coach K

The Key Types of Intelligence According to a Nobel Laureate

No Jerks Allowed: How to build a meaningful network

Age-Old Business Questions, New Insights

Wall Street Journal

Create Value for Others

Rethinking Your Office Design

Three Qualities to Look for in Prospective Hires

Washington Post

What makes a great federal Leader


The Secret to Sustaining a Winning CultureAssociation of MBAs

The Most Effective Way to Set a Personal Mission Statement Doesn’t Involve WordsQuartz At Work

A Smarter Way to FailLife Reimagined

What Will it Take to Educate the Next Generation of Thought Leaders? – The SMS Teaching Community.

How to Lead the “Uncommitted”? – CHARACTER CONNECTIONS- USAFA Center for Character and Leadership Development