COLE Insights Collection

As part of an education institution, the centers work revolves around two core aspects – people development and knowledge development. Whether it’s on the basketball court or in the classroom, we are about developing the next generation of talent for society and drawing on insights and experiences within and outside of Duke to ensure that the talent we develop is relevant and prepared to address societal needs. Talent drives what we do.

In engaging leaders across private, public and social sectors, we hear that same sentiment regarding the primal importance of talent. The unprecedented rate of change, the evolving platforms for how people communicate and connect have led to new expectations by our consumers and employees. In order to prevail in this new, chaotic, uncertain, ambiguous and complex world, we must all rely on our people capabilities more than ever before.

As we explore different themes each year, they are all part of and contiguous with a larger narrative around what it means to lead effectively in a significantly different, more connected and ambiguous world.  At the core of every theme is this premise – the people in our organizations are our most powerful assets.

However, just as new paradigms have changed the rules for how we lead our organizations, the formulas we previously relied upon to define, identify, and leverage talent may no longer be sufficient.   The new topography for competition and collaboration and new expectations have forced us to rethink our framing around the types of talent – the “it” factors – that are needed for our organizations to succeed.

For the 2014-2015 Academic Year, we explored the theme “Defining, Identifying, and Cultivating It.” We asked collaborators and participants of the Fuqua School of Business & Coach K Leadership Summit and Roundtables to share a few insights on the theme. Their insights are now a part of our COLE Insights Collection to be published soon.