Part of Fuqua’s mission is to develop leaders of consequence. Fuqua’s approach is distinguished by a definition of leadership that is inclusive of collaboration and teamwork; based on influence, persuasion and execution rather than positional or formal power; and a developmental experience that is intentional and integrative.

The Fuqua End-to-End (E2E) experience weaves together curricular (core and electives) and extracurricular experiences into an integrative whole. This is built on a cycle of self-awareness development, knowledge and skills building, and experiences that challenge students to grow. As part of their Fuqua identity and responsibilities, students are expected to exercise their leadership in contribution to the Fuqua community or external communities. The Fuqua leadership experience provides opportunities for self-reflection, peer coaching, motivation for personal growth and enhanced awareness, a sense of intention, ownership, and some measure of accountability with respect to their development as leaders while at Duke.

2022 Student Profile – Natalie Gilmore, COLE Leadership Fellow (Daytime MBA Class of 2022)