COLE Leadership Fellows

Established in 2003, the COLE Leadership Fellows program engages a select group of Fuqua Second Year Daytime MBA students as stewards of the Fuqua leadership culture, committed to the development of fellow students and future Duke MBA graduates who exemplify the highest qualities of competence and character, who are global leaders characterized by self-awareness, ethical and moral sensitivity, integrity and personal courage.

Each year, 40+ Second Year MBA fellows, are selected through a competitive, rigorous and well-documented vetting process, involving both an application and interview, receive training and apply their leadership skills in serving as peer facilitator and leadership coaches and mentors to all incoming First Year students and their teams. They play a key role in building and representing the leader of consequence culture at Fuqua.

COLE Leadership Fellows (CLF) prepare Fuqua students for successful leadership by:

  • Inspiring First-Year students in engaging in a transformational graduate experience through creating, owning and being accountable for an intentional personal development journey as leaders of consequence
  • Equipping First-Year teams to develop collaborative leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities, and maximizing their capacity to effectively follow and lead in a team context
  • Collaborating with other student organizations and leadership partners to strengthen a leadership-centered culture and curriculum in Fuqua
  • Modeling the values, principles and beliefs of a leader of competence, character, courage and consequence guided by a firm ethical/moral compass

In addition, they design and lead various initiatives for the Daytime MBA students. For example: Leadership Engagement and Discussion Series (LEADS), Leadership Cohort Experience, First and Second Year Daytime MBA Capstone Experiences.

Application and selection process for the COLE Leadership Fellows Program begins in January of every year.

2017-2018 COLE Leadership Fellows

Udit Anand Candace Armand Yochai Ben Haim
Leena Bhakta Melissa Blette Jason Bogardus
Ralph Caprio Isabel Carrera Chauntelle Carter
Marc Castillo Toledo Kelly Chtcheprov Kristi Conklin
Samantha Dina Kellen Distefano Jehan El-Gabri
Natalie Elghossain Luke Fangman Hannah Ford
Parker Gill Anupam Gupta Michelle Hardy
Kyle Harkin Hugh Hayden Walker Hobson
Jordan Jones JP Liss Mike McGee
Yonic Medina Judy Merzbach Anna Moran
Allie Ossa Christin Prats Susan Sasu
Lou Scerra Danyel Specht JD Sprague
Shraddha Sridhar Sara Staub Catherine Toner
Kevin Walton Joy Wang Anisha White
Michael Zhou Nick Zwemer