The Duke MBA Core & Elective Curriculum in Leadership & Ethics is designed to have an effect on students at multiple levels. On an individual level, it motivates students to explore their leadership potential. On a team level, it encourages students to reflect on inter-organizational relationships and their capacity to develop emotional connections with others and their willingness to both support and challenge others as needed. On a community level, it provides students with a contextual platform to accept the responsibilities of being a leader capable of inspiring a sense of pride and belonging to the organization.

Duke Daytime MBA Leadership and Ethics end-to-end perspective to intentional leadership development includes concentration, core and elective courses, and reflective processes.

  • Concentration: Leadership and Ethics Concentration is designed for students with an interest in deepening and broadening their leadership and ethics training whether in preparation for stepping into leadership positions soon after graduation or in service of longer-term career goals.
  • Core: FUQINTRD 565: Collaborative Leadership 1 (CLEAD1), FUQINTRD 566: Collaborative Leadership 2 (CLEAD2), MANAGEMT 730: Leadership, Ethics and Organizations.
  • Electives: MANAGEMT 746: Power and Politics, MANAGEMT 747: Leadership, MANAGEMT 748: Human Assets and Organizational Change, MANAGEMT 749: Ethics in Management.
  • Reflective Processes: Six Domain Leadership Survey 360 feedback tool and Personal Development Plan.

Duke Executive MBA Programs: Global Executive MBA and Weekend Executive MBA

Executive Education: Duke Leadership Program, Duke Management Program