“Roadmap” of energy sector employers helps students clarify career interests

There are exciting job opportunities for MBAs in the energy sector, but making sense of where these jobs fit in a sector as complex as this one can be difficult. To help students visualize employers along the energy value chain, EDGE has developed a “roadmap” of example employers in the energy sector—from energy production (upstream) to generation and distribution to consumption.  There are career opportunities at each point along this value chain, as well as some (like energy sector consulting) that may span the value chain.

The diagram (which is modeled loosely after energy flow charts known as Sankey diagrams) does not give a comprehensive list of employers, but rather highlights a few examples in each part of the energy value chain.  “We hope this diagram might help students think about opportunities to work in energy that might not have occurred to them before, and help them understand how different companies play a role in energy,” says EDGE managing director Katie Kross.  “There are lots of interesting ways MBAs can have an impact when it comes to energy issues.”

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Kross notes that the sector is changing rapidly, with new companies coming into the market and mergers and acquisition activities making others obsolete.  Students should not rely on this diagram as their sole list of employers, but rather use it as a starting point for researching the sector further.