MBA Concentration in Energy & Environment

Completing an MBA concentration in Energy & Environment, available to both WEMBA and GEMBA students at Fuqua, enables students to develop subject matter expertise in the ways that energy and environmental issues affect businesses. The concentration can be a stepping stone to a career in the
energy, climate tech, or sustainability sectors, or it can provide a useful lens for any business leader who is thinking about enterprise risks and opportunities associated with energy, climate, and sustainability issues.

Requirements: To earn an Energy & Environment Concentration, WEMBA and GEMBA students must take 2 electives—one of which must be Energy Markets & Innovation—and complete an independent project relevant to the subject matter. The Independent Project course runs between December and April 1st of their final year which partially overlaps with Elective Term 2. Students are assigned a faculty advisor but are responsible for identifying their own project and designing their own timeline for completion. The independent project is completed through distance learning. There are also additional tuition and fees associated with completing the concentration (see WEMBA tuition and GEMBA tuition).

How to enroll: In their second year, WEMBA and GEMBA students need to complete an interest survey in August (via Canvas) and submit a project proposal in October (via Canvas) to initiate the enrollment process. Enrollment is confirmed in late November.

Contact the WEMBA Program Office or GEMBA Program Office with questions and/or for updated details about concentrations.

Extracurriculars & Events

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