Executive Education

Sometimes referred to as “The Great Crew Change,” the energy industry is in the midst of a dramatic transition as many companies in this sector find the majority of their senior leaders reaching the age of retirement. Fuqua School of Business understands this industry context.  Our executive MBA and executive education offerings help managers in the energy sector build the skills they need to take on new leadership roles.

executiveExecutive MBA Programs

Fuqua’s world-class MBA programs are offered in a variety of formats aimed at executives in different stages of their careers.  Understanding that business learning is made more useful by applied industry context, we offer an MBA Concentration in Energy & Environment in our Weekend Executive MBA, Cross-Continent MBA, and Global Executive MBA programs, as well as our Daytime MBA.

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Executive Education Courses

Fuqua offers a range of short courses for executives on cutting-edge leadership and managerial topics like effective team-building, global leadership, negotiation, and communication.

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