EDGE Chats interviews

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In the EDGE Chats video series, business leaders share their insights into rapidly evolving energy and environmental trends and challenges. They also highlight the innovative approaches they are using to manage risks and capture opportunities in this dynamic environment.  Topics range from how to finance new energy ventures, to the implications of falling oil prices on businesses in the industry sector, to the changing utility business model, to thoughts on how to address corporate sustainability risks.

There are more than 20 videos in this series.  Some examples include:

Randall Ledford, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Emerson Electric

Linda Fisher, Chief Sustainability Officer, DuPont

Pete Curtice, Vice President, Opower

Kurt Kuehn, Chief Financial Officer, UPS

Pedro Santos, CEO, OsComp Systems

Tom Albanese, Chairman, Vedanta Resources Holdings

You can also browse the full series here.