Climate Change & Business: What Every MBA Needs to Know

Climate change will present a complex set of business risks and opportunities to corporations in coming decades.  This 6-page briefing summarizes the issue and its implications for strategy, finance, investment, and operational decisions facing business.

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Teaching Climate Change & Business: Case Studies, Classes, and Other Teaching Resources

This working paper provides examples of classes, case studies, interactive teaching tools, and extracurricular events at leading U.S. business schools that highlight the intersection between climate change and business risk/opportunity.

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The Blue Economy: What Every MBA Needs to Know

The “Blue Economy”—sustainable use of ocean resources for economic output—represents a large and growing business opportunity in industries like offshore renewable energy, marine biotech, carbon sequestration, AI, aquaculture, and shipping decarbonization. This paper summarizes the most promising growth industries within the Blue Economy, drawing on industry publications and investor resources.

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Water & Business: What Every MBA Needs to Know

Water is a fundamental input to the global economy, and a critical component of corporate supply chains, infrastructure, products,and operations. This 6-page briefing paper summarizes the key water-related business issues as well as their potential risks and opportunities.

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Paper - Triple Convergence: Talent, Strategy, and Leadership Disruptions in a Changing Utility Industry

Triple Convergence: Talent, Strategy, and Leadership Disruptions in a Changing Utility Industry

The utility sector is in a period of reinvention. At the same time, industry changes are disrupting the utility business model and new ideas about leadership models are emerging. As these leadership disruptions loom, the question is: are utilities thinking about the workforce of the future in the right way?

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More Research

Applied and academic research by Fuqua faculty covers a variety of topics that intersect with the business implications of energy and environment trends.

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