Dan Vermeer

Reflecting on 10 years of teaching the EDGE Seminar

by Dan Vermeer This semester marks the 10-year anniversary of the EDGE Seminar course, one of the hallmarks of our Energy & Environment program here at Fuqua. After a decade of hosting conversations with some of industry’s most interesting speakers, I have learned a few things from both students and speakers about what makes for […]

Our stake in the future of the Arctic

by Dan Vermeer, Associate Professor of the Practice and Executive Director, EDGE For most of us, the Arctic is a distant region of ice, polar bears, and scientific expeditions, but rarely a focus of our attention.  The extreme conditions and remoteness of the Arctic mean that few of us have any firsthand experience of the […]

Exploring sustainability connections in Scandinavia

by Dan Vermeer, Associate Professor of the Practice and Executive Director, EDGE Greetings from Copenhagen!  This month, I am traveling in Denmark and Norway to build EDGE’s network and prepare curriculum for a new course to be offered at Fuqua next year, “Climate and Sustainability in the Nordic Countries.” Scandinavia has established a reputation for its […]

Collaboration and inspiration at the 2023 ClimateCAP Summit

by Dan Vermeer, Associate Professor of the Practice and Executive Director, EDGE Last month, students, staff, and faculty from across the country gathered for the 4th ClimateCAP Summit in Austin, Texas.  The ClimateCAP Initiative was launched at Fuqua in 2016 in response to a growing need to help MBA students understand the connections between climate […]

Shifting our business mindsets: scarcity vs. abundance

by Dan Vermeer, Associate Professor of the Practice and Executive Director, EDGE I have been thinking a lot about scarcity and abundance recently.  Behind the news headlines about our various crises lurks a profound visceral sense of scarcity. People worry about inflation eroding their spending power, or broken supply chains that can’t deliver the goods […]

Video: Business Leadership in the Decisive Decade

What do converging sustainability issues mean for business leadership now and in the future? What skills can today’s business leaders employ to tackle wicked problems and contribute new solutions? Dan Vermeer, associate professor of the practice and EDGE executive director, shares insights and imperatives for business leadership in this decisive decade.

Silver linings: Adapting to virtual learning yields unexpected benefits

With each crisis comes opportunity.  The coronavirus pandemic has changed our work, travel, community engagement, and social lives in profound ways this year.  And perhaps nowhere has adaptation had to happen faster than in the world of higher education.  With eleven degree programs and more than 1,800 students enrolled when the coronavirus started spreading, the […]

Planning underway for 2020 ClimateCAP Summit

ClimateCAP banner

EDGE executive director Dan Vermeer has joined the Program Committee for the 2020 ClimateCAP Summit.  Conceptualized and first hosted at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, ClimateCAP is a partnership between 16 top-tier business schools, including Wharton, Harvard, Stanford, Michigan, and MIT, along with Duke and others. The 2020 Summit will be hosted by the University […]

The next phase of industrialization will happen in our oceans

oceans shipping photo

By Dan Vermeer, Associate Professor of the Practice and Executive Director, EDGE Oceans cover more than 70% of the planet’s surface, hold almost 95% of the world’s biodiversity, and produce over two-thirds of our oxygen.  However, it is less well-known that ocean-related industries are a major part of the global economy; in fact, the ocean […]

Dan Vermeer discusses climate change as a “wicked problem” in Dow “Elements of Sustainability Series”

Video: Dan Vermeer

As part of Dow Chemical’s “Elements of Sustainability Series”, Professor Dan Vermeer discusses how methods of design thinking and scenario planning can be productively used to tackle perhaps the world’s most wicked problem: climate change. — RELATED ARTICLES: Business schools start preparing graduates for a world of climate risks Video: Katherine Neebe, Director of Sustainability, […]