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Duke Hosts U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development

US BCSD meeting 2017

Approximately 60 business leaders and faculty discussed corporate sustainability issues at the Winter Meeting of the U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development (US BCSD), held at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business in January 2017.  The two-day meeting covered a wide range of topics under the theme of “Making Markets, Moving Markets.” US BCSD is a […]

“Triple convergence” of trends shape the future of leadership in the electric utility industry

Triple convergence of forces shaping the utility industry

The utility sector is in a period of reinvention. In the coming decades, nearly the entire power generating fleet in the U.S. will be replaced (no small feat for a sector with approximately $1.5 trillion in assets). Almost as dramatic as this infrastructure turnover is the leadership challenge facing the industry: more than half of […]

Dan Vermeer discusses business response to climate change

Video: PowerShift: The Business Role in Addressing Climate Change

Dan Vermeer, Executive Director of the Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment (EDGE) and Associate Professor of the Practice at Fuqua School of Business discusses how leading companies should respond to the threat of climate change in a new video.  Climate change trends present very real risks to companies, but as Vermeer sees […]

Dan Vermeer: Why it’s decision time for America’s energy future


The “all-of-the-above” approach to America’s energy future involves tapping into all sources, from fossil fuels to renewable energy. But EDGE executive director Dan Vermeer says that seemingly inclusive approach won’t work. Dr. Vermeer explains why the time is now for the country to choose a path in this Fuqua School of Business Q&A. Q: What […]

Leadership in practice: Creating an entrepreneurial career in the oil and gas industry

Jason Rebrook, Hilcorp Energy

by Dan Vermeer, PhD and Sarah Hoyt, MEM/MBA ’16   How can MBAs build a consequential career in a volatile and technically complex industry like oil and gas? What does it take to become a leader? While leadership can take many forms, Fuqua alumnus Jason Rebrook (CCMBA ’02), Executive Vice President at Hilcorp Energy Company, […]

On corporate sustainability: Dan Vermeer talks on Measure Radio podcast

"The Measure of Everyday Life" Podcast

Sustainability challenges are becoming more urgent, even within the last 5 years, said EDGE Executive Director Dan Vermeer in a recent interview on the podcast The Measure of Everyday Life. “I think people have a much more palpable sense of volatility and of disruption,” Vermeer said.  He pointed to the California drought and recent super-storms […]

Research insights: Climate psychology, environmental risk, careers, and more

Recent research articles

In 2014, EDGE faculty and staff were highlighted in the media for their research insights on a wide range of energy and environmental topics. Here are a few of the highlights of the year: Conservatives don’t hate climate science. They hate the left’s climate solutions (Washington Post). Research by Fuqua School of Business’s Aaron Kay […]

Turning environmental risk into opportunity

Dialogue Review

“Environmental risks can be the most complex challenges for companies — but can also be the most rewarding to address,” says EDGE executive director  Dan Vermeer in a new article in Dialogue Review. Before joining Fuqua School of Business as an associate professor of the practice and executive director of EDGE, Dan was director of […]

China’s smog cloud may have a silver lining

Air pollution in Hebei province

by Dan Vermeer, Executive Director, EDGE Environmental concerns are ubiquitous in China. Every day, the newspapers include stories about the converging crises related to air pollution, food contamination, water shortages, and solid waste. There is also a growing frustration that China’s “growth at all costs” development path has been very costly, sacrificing both the environment […]