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The next phase of industrialization will happen in our oceans

oceans shipping photo

By Dan Vermeer, Associate Professor of the Practice and Executive Director, EDGE Oceans cover more than 70% of the planet’s surface, hold almost 95% of the world’s biodiversity, and produce over two-thirds of our oxygen.  However, it is less well-known …

Innovating for conservation: Alex Dehgan discusses

Alex Dehgan, CEO and Co-Founder of Conservation X Labs, talks about the problem of species extinction and how Conservation X Labs is fostering innovation to address environmental conservation challenges.   RELATED ARTICLES: Watch more EDGE Chats videos with executives  

Rising star Lisa Ganderson reflects on energy entrepreneurship

Lisa Huber Ganderson

Duke alumna Lisa (Huber) Ganderson, Senior Associate for Investments with GE Energy, was recently named to the prestigious Forbes “30 Under 30 in Energy” list.  Lisa graduated from Duke’s MEM/MBA joint degree program in 2014. We asked her to share …

Learning can be disruptive, but it isn’t free

Dan Chow

by Dan Chow, MEM/MBA ‘15 This article was written in response to a seminar given by Matt Eggers, a senior cleantech executive who has worked at Tesla Motors, Sunrun, and Bloom Energy, in an EDGE Seminar on Sept. 24, 2014 …

Exploring China’s cleantech opportunities

EDGE Forum 2014: Cleantech in China

On Mar. 26, more than 100 executives and students gathered at Fuqua School of Business to hear about energy and environmental business opportunities in China at the 2014 EDGE Forum on Cleantech in China. “China is a great place to …

Entrepreneurship advice from serial energy entrepreneur Pedro Santos

Video: Pedro Santos, OsComp Systems

In this EDGE Chats video, serial entrepreneur Pedro Santos, founder of OsComp Systems, speaks about entrepreneurship challenges and opportunities in the energy sector.  Santos was one of Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30 in Energy” in 2011.   — RELATED ARTICLES …