Peak pricing vs. flat pricing for power: New faculty research

Kevin Shang EDGE Chats video

When it comes to pricing electric power, is peak pricing better than flat rate pricing when it comes to incentivizing the adoption of renewable energy?  The answer might surprise you.  Kevin Shang, Professor of Operations Management at Fuqua School of Business, shares his research on utility pricing models and talks about the implications for renewable […]

Understanding energy use: New research by Fuqua professor Rick Larrick

energy chart

Rick Larrick, Fuqua School of Business professor and faculty director of EDGE, has put much of his time and energy into helping people better understand how much energy they use. He has worked on many projects, but the most recent project that Larrick and his coworkers have taken on is to create a new way […]

Research insights: Climate psychology, environmental risk, careers, and more

Recent research articles

In 2014, EDGE faculty and staff were highlighted in the media for their research insights on a wide range of energy and environmental topics. Here are a few of the highlights of the year: Conservatives don’t hate climate science. They hate the left’s climate solutions (Washington Post). Research by Fuqua School of Business’s Aaron Kay […]