Health Sector Management

  • David Ridley: Supply and Demand Analysis of Priority Review Vouchers

    In 2007, Congress created the priority review voucher program to encourage development of drugs for neglected diseases. Since 2007, Congress has expanded the program to include additional diseases eligible for vouchers, but authors David Ridley and Stephane A. Régnier warn …

  • Health Care Around the Globe

    Christina Warner is a Cross Continent MBA Class of 2017 student pursing the Health Sector Management Certificate.  Christina shares how the Cross Continent MBA residencies incorporates the healthcare industry into the curriculum. Read about her experiences and key takeaways during …

  • Q&A with Supratim Bose of Boston Scientific

    Supratim Bose Executive Vice President & President of Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa Boston Scientific  What is the greatest opportunity in healthcare today, from your perspective? Healthcare is perhaps one of the most important issues that affects every nation …

  • Reflections on HSM as an HSM Fellow

    As my journey at Fuqua reaches its end this spring, I take pride in my decision to pursue the Health Sector Management (HSM) program certificate as part of my experience. Around this time two years ago, I opted in to …

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Rich Gilbert, MBA ’01 was a physician when we began the Weekend Executive program.  He shares how his Fuqua experience was fundamental in taking his career and his company to the next level.

Launch Your Healthcare Career

Carolyn Nohejl, MBA/HSM ’01 explains how Fuqua and HSM prepared her for a career in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship, and the value of a well-rounded healthcare education.

Health Sector Management (HSM) Program at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business