Graduate Perspective: HSM and Immersion in Healthcare

Claudia BarnaDuring my time at Fuqua, I knew I wanted to focus in Healthcare and the HSM program was an obvious choice. What I didn’t realize during my two years in the program is exactly how immersed I had become in the healthcare space. Classes, the HSM Practicum at the Duke Hospital, symposia and numerous other HSM events all contributed to both broadening and deepening my healthcare knowledge, not to mention all my healthcare-aficionado classmates and professors who always engaged in the most interesting healthcare-related conversations and debates.

Coming back to Deloitte, I have continued my endeavors in the healthcare space and, due in large part to the HSM Practicum, have chosen to specialize in the provider sector. While at Fuqua, I truly enjoyed my experience at the Duke Hospital and since coming back to Deloitte have continued to work for a number of interesting provider clients. The HSM program fully equipped me to succeed in this sector. And, as much as I enjoy my client projects, my conversations with colleagues and my review of healthcare news, I do miss all the pieces of the puzzle that the HSM program provided.