HSM Student Profile: Anna Isaacs

HSM Student Profile: Anna Isaacs (Class of 2021)

Prior Education: Vanderbilt University 
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Nationality: USA

My Background

Prior to Fuqua, I worked in health care consulting with The Advisory Board Company and Optum (through acquisition) in Nashville, TN. In this role, advised health system executives across a range of issues including population health, telemedicine, physician alignment, operations, and health system M&A. Through this experience, I developed an interest in expanding beyond my provider knowledge to find innovative ways to transform the siloed US health care system to improve the health of our communities.

Anna on Cross-Campus Collaboration

At Fuqua

I have pursued my interests through courses such as Biopharma, discussions with classmates from diverse backgrounds, and interactions with the Duke health care community. I worked in the Duke University Hospital supporting the Pharmacy Department through the DUH Experiential Learning Program. I serve as a COLE Leadership Fellow mentoring first-year MBA students, and am an active member of the Health Care Club, Health Provider Association, and the HSM program. Upon graduation, I will return to Nashville to join Cigna.

Anna on Experiential Learning

5 Favorite Coffee Shops in Walking Distance to 9th Street:

Many Fuqua students live in the 9th Street area, so I’ve listed my favorite coffee shops in walking distance:

  1. Cloche Coffee is my all-time favorite local coffee shop in Durham. It is located across from East Campus, where you can start your day with a 1.5 mile walk around East, and grab a Honey Latte on the way back to your 9th Street apartment.
  2. Monuts is a Fuqua favorite, known for their donuts and baked goods. I’m a fan of the homemade pop-tarts.
  3. Mad Hatters is a great spot to grab lunch and coffee while studying for classes. I love the bright atmosphere and the natural light that helps me focus.
  4. Cocoa Cinnamon is another go-to local spot to grab a fancy coffee drink. I recommend the Dr. Durham.
  5. Lastly, I have to mention Happy & Hale. It’s a salad bar and it’s my favorite spot to grab a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. You have to try the Hale Caesar salad, it’s amazing.