HSM Student Profile: Ginny Rogers

HSM Student Profile: Ginny Rogers (Class of 2023)

Prior Education: Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Nationality: USA

Why I Chose Fuqua

I chose Fuqua because of the cohort-style learning experience of HSM, the interdisciplinary Margolis Scholars Program, the opportunity to live in a smaller city, and Fuqua’s high percentage of international students, who would provide interesting perspectives in classes.

Before Fuqua

I worked on an internal strategy team at Optum focused on rolling out digital health solutions to clinics. My specialization was telehealth and remote patient monitoring implementations. Prior to that, I worked at Deloitte as a consultant for federal and social impact clients.

Favorite Health Care Experiences at Fuqua

1. Margolis Center: I am a part of the interdisciplinary Margolis Scholars program, which has been a great learning opportunity and has allowed me to attend several conferences and seminars. One conference was run by the Margolis Center in Washington D.C. and was wonderful exposure to health policy experts.

2. HSM Bootcamp: This was an immersive week that was even before Fuqua’s MBA orientation. I enjoyed meeting my fellow classmates before diving into the broader MBA experience and the guest speakers on topics ranging across pharma, digital health, payer/provider and analytics.

After Fuqua

I intend to return to consulting with a focus on health care strategy. My summer internship is with Accenture Strategy.

The Health Sector Management (HSM) Track

The HSM Track appealed to me because I wanted to gain broader exposure within the health care arena. My background is in the public health and provider space, and while I intend to return to the provider strategy after graduating I have found it very valuable to understand the intersecting players that impact affordable patient care.