HSM Speaker Series

HSM Speaker Series

HSM invites industry experts to speak with students on a topic of interest in health care. The HSM Speaker Series fills curricular gaps and serves as a supplement to current course content. HSM Fellows survey HSM students to identify health care content they would like to have more exposure to while at Fuqua. Topics selected by the greatest number of HSM students are then used to determine who is invited to be part of the speaker series.

Past HSM Speaker Series Events

HSM Speaker Series: Health Talk with Sarah Miller (Inequality in Maternal & Infant Health)

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Sarah Miller is an Associate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at
Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

Professor Miller discusses inequality in maternal and infant health.


HSM Speaker Series: with Yale Professor Zack Cooper

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Zack Cooper is an Associate Professor of Public Health and of Economics at Yale University where he also serves as director of Health Policy at the school’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies. Professor Cooper is a health economist whose work is focused on producing rigorous, empirical evidence that can inform public policy.
Professor Cooper discusses how rising health care spending causes people to lose their jobs and their lives. He then proposes specific small steps to reduce spending.


HSM Speaker Series: Q&A with Dr. Mandy Cohen, CEO of Aledade Care Solutions and former Secretary of NCDHHS

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Professor David Ridley had an informal Q&A with Dr. Mandy Cohen. Dr. Cohen is Aledade’s Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of Aledade Care Solutions, the company’s new health services unit. Dr. Cohen was most recently the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, where she led the state’s COVID response and transformation of North Carolina’s Medicaid program, focusing on whole-person care and the non-medical drivers of health. Dr. Cohen also served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, helping to implement the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges and innovative new payment models.


HSM Speaker Series: Lunch & Learn with Professor David Ridley & Scott Heiser of Cityblock Health

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Scott Heiser, Product Manager with Cityblock Health joined Professor David Ridley for an informal Q&A. Cityblock was founded in 2017 as the first tech-driven provider for communities with complex needs. They deliver care where it’s needed most, investing upstream in highly personalized, prevention-oriented health and social care to ultimately drive down costs and improve outcomes. Their tech enables scale by bringing together practical information, coordination, and communication for members and care teams.
Scott Heiser is the Head of Product Strategy at Cityblock, where he helps lead our nascent payment innovation work to help the company enter into new population segments with new products.
The HSM Speaker Series is offered through the generous financial support of Kester Freeman, MHA ’68. 

HSM Speaker Series: Leveraging Technology to Improve Health

The Fuqua Center for Health Sector Management offered this virtual workshop as part of the HSM Speaker Series, with co-sponsorship from Duke CTSI and DIHI, and with the generous financial support of Kester Freeman, MHA ’68. The expert speakers shared insights on the intersection of health care and technology.

Connected Medical Devices and the IoT: Recording Link
Bimal Shah, Chief Medical Officer at Livongo
Sally Ann Frank, Healthcare Internet of Things Advisor with Microsoft

Real-World Evidence and Commercial Opportunities: Recording Link
Lesley Curtis, Interim Executive Director, Duke Clinical Research Institute
Carter Prince, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Pricing Lead with Aetion

AI and Personalized Medicine: Recording Link
Jason Burke, Partner at CREO, Inc.
Mark Sendak, Population Health & Data Science Lead at Duke Institute for Health Innovation

Health Tech Entrepreneurship: Recording Link
Panel discussion with 3 Health Tech Start-ups
Moderator: Rob Hallford, Director of New Ventures with Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures
Jake Thomson and Breklyn Smith from Unite Us
Morgan Flannery with Quartet Health
Ian Shadforth with Analytics 4 Life

HSM Speaker Series Featuring Takeda: “How a Global Career in Pharma and Biotech Can Shape You As a Professional and Individual”

Areas of interest covered: Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology
Fuqua Alumnus Rony Golczewski from Takeda discussed how his experiences working in different countries and regions has helped shape him as a person and a professional. He covered the different industry challenges he has seen, and how Fuqua prepared him to face these challenges. He also discussed how companies can support your personal and professional ambitions. Rony Golczewski is the Oncology Country Head – Iberia in the Global Oncology Business Unit at Takeda.

HSM Speaker Series: Microsoft’s Vision for Health Care

Areas of Interest Covered: Big Data & Analytics, Health Tech
HSM welcomed experts from Microsoft who discussed how technology is shaping the health care landscape
• Jeff Jones from Microsoft – Health Care
• Paul Ledbetter from Microsoft – Industry

Topics covered:
• Technology Meets Industry
• Big Data, Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, and Blockchain
• Trust, Privacy, Security, Compliance
• Health Care Scenarios
• Near, Mid, and Long Term Outlooks

HSM Speaker Series: SV Analytics & DUHS

Areas of Interest Covered: Health Care Finance, Health IT
• Ryan Schulteis, MD, Chief Health Informatics Officer, Durham, VA and Founder & CEO SV Analytics
• Carlos Dedesma, PhD, MBA, Director of Corporate Development, SV Analytics
• Michael Bernas, MHA, Team Lead & Program Manager for Duke Clinical Revenue Integration Program
• Garland Goins, Jr, MBA, Director of Revenue & Documentation Integrity, PRMO, DUHS

Experts from SV Analytics and DUHS discussed how they have modernized predictive analytics in the medical billing and health care claims data space. This was a unique opportunity to learn how big data is shaping hospital operations. They shared their work forecasting payer behavior, which allows organizations to proactively anticipate changes in the health care financial landscape.

HSM Speaker Series: Start-ups in Health Care

Areas of Interest Covered: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
• Afreen Allam, President & CEO, SiNON Therapeutics
• Jon Nicolla, President, Prepped Health
• Nimmi Ramanujam, Duke Faculty and Inventor for Pocket Colposcope and Zenalux
• Moderator: Rob Hallford, Director, New Ventures, Duke University Office of Licensing and Ventures

HSM partnered with the Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) to hold this panel discussion. The expert panelists discussed the challenges they have witnessed working with their start-ups, ways to navigate these issues, rewards and outcomes, next steps for their companies, trends
in the industry, and advice for students seeking to enter the field.

HSM Speaker Series: Innovation in the Life Sciences

Areas of interest covered: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Biotech & Pharma
Health Sector Management (HSM) and the Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) invited students for a panel discussion on Innovation in the Life Sciences.
The expert panelists discussed the challenges of innovating in the life sciences, ways to navigate these challenges, rewards and outcomes of innovating, trends in the industry, and advice or guidance for students seeking to enter the field.

• Nader Halim, Director of External Science & Innovation, Pfizer
• Matthew Kane, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Precision BioSciences
• Karen LeVert, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Southeast TechInventures
• Moderator: Rob Hallford, Associate Director, New Ventures, Office of Licensing and Ventures, Duke University

HSM Speaker Series: Health Care Financial Management Association Panel – The Future of Health Care: A Multidisciplinary Perspective.

Areas of interest covered: Health Care Consulting, Finance, and Academic Medical Centers
The Future of Health Care: A Multidisciplinary Perspective offers candid insight into and discussion around the current state of health care and how the industry’s future uncertainty impacts the local and national economy.
• Kenneth (Ken) W. Vance -Senior Vice President Bank of America Merrill Lynch
• Brian Sanderson – National Managing Partner, Healthcare Services Crowe Horwath
• Keith Stover- VP of Finance at Duke University Health System

HSM Speaker Series: Nelia Padilla, VP of Consulting Services, Quintiles IMS

Areas of interest covered: Consulting, Digital Health, and Biopharmaceutical
HSM and the HCC welcomed Nelia Padilla, VP of Consulting Services at Quintiles IMS.

The digital health revolution: how wearables and other types of digital health are helping reshape the biopharmaceutical industry

Across geographies and therapeutic areas, digital health technologies offer the opportunity to better understand patients. Per the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there were approximately 300 wearables built into clinical trial protocols as of the end of 2015. In 2016 alone, around 40 clinical trials involving wearable devices were conducted based on public information. The biopharmaceutical industry is on the verge of understanding how and when to test technologies and how to best use them in clinical trials. Firms are learning the art of “win fast, fail fast” and learning how to leverage proof of concepts vs. larger pilots. In addition, digital health is making its mark in treating diseases such as mental illness. During the session, two case studies were reviewed that help illustrate the impact of digital health in biopharmaceutical R&D and changing the treatment landscape for patients receiving treatment for mental illness.

HSM Speaker Series: Digital Health Science – Gary Bennett, PhD

Areas of interest covered: Health Technology
Health Sector Management hosted Dr. Gary Bennett, Director of the Duke Global Digital Health Science Center for the HSM Speaker Series. Dr. Bennett discussed health technology and the work being done in Digital Health Science at Duke. The Global Digital Health Science Center aims to bring together experts from industry, policy, and science, to answer critical questions related to behavioral digital health science and to advocate for increased access to effective digital health interventions for the medically vulnerable populations, at home and abroad.

In addition to his role as Director of the Duke Global Digital Health Science Center, Dr. Bennett is also the Bishop-MacDermott Family Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Global Health and Medicine at Duke, and the President-Elect of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. Prior to joining Duke in 2009, Dr. Bennett served on the faculties of the Harvard School of Public Health and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

HSM Speaker Series: Barbara Griffith, Chief Medical Officer at Duke Regional

Areas of interest covered: Hospital Administration
In collaboration with the Health Provider Association (HPA), HSM welcomed Barbara Griffith, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Duke Regional Hospital for the HSM Speaker Series. Dr. Griffith discussed challenges and opportunities in a community hospital including topics like value-based payments systems and pressures on health care to perform on specific quality/safety measures to maintain revenue.

Dr. Griffith has been Chief Medical Officer of Duke Regional Hospital since May 2012. Griffith has been an emergency medicine physician at Duke Regional since 2002. She is currently president and a staff physician for Durham Emergency Physicians, the 23-provider medical practice that staffs Duke Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department. Dr. Griffith obtained her MD degree at UNC-Chapel Hill.

HSM Speaker Series: Dr. Mark McClellan

Areas of interest covered: Health Care Policy
HSM welcomed Dr. Mark McClellan, Director of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy. Dr. McClellan explained the Center’s mission to improve health and the value of health care. Dr. McClellan is a former administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where he developed and implemented major reforms in health policy.

The Duke-Margolis Center integrates the expertise of Duke University scholars and academic health system with an established team experienced in convening stakeholders and conducting policy analysis. The Center is a catalyst, linking Duke’s world-class research and health care with policymakers and policy analysts in the public and private sector at the local, national and global levels. Disciplines involved in Center include business, biomedical research, clinical care, public policy, population health, global health, law, the social sciences, and the humanities.