HSM Student Profile: Nate Einfeldt

HSM Student Profile: Nate Einfeldt (Class of 2024)

Prior Education: B.S. in Economics and Mathematics from the United States Military Academy
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Nationality: USA

Why did you choose Fuqua?

I chose Fuqua because I was drawn to the team atmosphere, strong healthcare program, and the national appeal of Fuqua. My peers have been great to work with and get to know since our first summer semester began. The healthcare program and the health systems surrounding Duke provide me with multiple opportunities to learn outside the classroom, which I greatly value. Lastly, Fuqua is widely recognized with a strong network, allowing me flexibility in my career’s future.

Before Fuqua

Prior to Fuqua, I was an Army officer who worked in the Armor and Special Forces branches. Most recently, I was an operations officer overseeing the daily operations of a Special Forces unit both within the U.S. and in their respective countries for various missions.

After Fuqua

After Fuqua, I am looking at several options in consulting or pharma/biotech. I am passionate about access to a variety of therapies, including both medication and treatment, especially in the mental health field. I will be conducting my summer internship at Amgen in their Commercial Leadership Program.

Why did you decide to pursue the HSM Certificate?

I pursued the HSM certificate because I had no previous health experience and wanted to learn from the faculty and my classmates to determine how I wanted to move forward in my career. I wanted to identify a way to make an impact as I transitioned from the military, and I saw healthcare as an excellent method to fulfill my intrinsic motivations. HSM has provided numerous opportunities in and out of the classroom for me to be exposed to and engaged in various healthcare projects, which have been immensely helpful in determining my future path.