HSM Student Profile: Kiana Hainsworth

HSM Student Profile: Kiana Hainsworth (Class of 2024)

Prior education: University of St Andrews (UK), MA Hons. Management
Hometown: Lyme, CT -> Fort Myers, FL
Nationality: US, UK, Ireland

Why did you choose Fuqua?

I chose Fuqua for several reasons, but the experiential learning classes and strong reputation of the HSM program were the most important to me.

Before Fuqua

Prior to Fuqua, I was at EY in the Supply Chain & Operations Consulting practice as a Senior Consultant. In my role, I focused on planning and procurement for clients across all industries, not just health sector clients.

What has been your favorite health care course or experience at Fuqua?

My favorite health care course at Fuqua so far is the Duke University Hospital Experiential Learning Program (DUHELP)! I love having the opportunity to apply the theories I’m learning in my other classes in practice! For example, I’m currently taking Operations Management at the same time as DUHELP, and I have to opportunity to apply inventory management principles to my project at the hospital.

After Fuqua

After Fuqua, I plan to join a general management leadership development program at a medical device supplier. I aim to gain exposure to new areas of the business like finance and marketing to become a well-rounded leader.

Why did you decide to pursue the HSM Certificate?

I decided to pursue the HSM certificate because I wanted to have a more thorough understanding of how different players in the healthcare industry interact and why the system operates the way that it does. The HSM Seminars in the first year have done a fantastic job exposing me to key challenges and trade-offs the industry faces, especially as new innovations and non-traditional competitors (such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Apple) disrupt the industry.