HSM Student Profile: Max Sumner

HSM Student Profile: Max Sumner (Class of 2024)

Prior Education: Duke University School of Medicine, University of Georgia – Biology/Psychology
Hometown: Gainesville, GA
Nationality: USA/Canada

Why did you choose Fuqua?

As an MD/MBA student, I was pulled to Fuqua because of its unmatched healthcare program, #TeamFuqua culture, and the unique ability to merge both my business and medical education into one seamless program.

Before Fuqua

For the two years prior to Fuqua, I have been a MD Student at Duke University School of Medicine. Prior to my time at Duke, I had experiences doing international health outcomes research in South Africa, healthcare consulting, and NIH-funded research.

What has been your favorite health care course or experience at Fuqua? 

HSM Bootcamp: I was an amazing experience to have a full week dedicated to the ins-and outs of the US healthcare system, how it functions, and being with an incredible cohort of students. My peers brought an incredibly diverse perspective to our discussions that uniquely framed the classes.

After Fuqua

After Fuqua, I return to the School of Medicine full time to obtain my MD degree. I then will focus on a future which merges providing excellent clinical care with increasing access to healthcare using technological and management innovation and improving patients’ and providers’ quality of life.

Why did you decide to pursue the HSM Certificate?

The Health Sector Management (HSM) Certificate was a key reason why I came to Duke and Fuqua for both my medical and business education. The resources, exposure, social outlets that it provides are unmatched at business schools across the nation. As a future healthcare professional, I thought it was incredibly important to understand the underpinnings of healthcare and how to be prepared for an everchanging healthcare landscape.