health sector management students in class

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The Health Sector Management (HSM) Certificate Program is appropriate for individuals seeking a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the health sector, as well as those seeking a transition into health management. HSM Certificates are offered across Fuqua’s world-class MBA programs including the Daytime MBA, Accelerated Daytime MBA, Global Executive MBA, and Weekend Executive MBA. HSM also offers the certificate program to Fuqua MBA alumni seeking to strengthen their health care experience.

Daytime students completing their HSM Certificate have a wide variety of backgrounds, including biotechnology, consulting, research and development, engineering, provider systems, or experience from another field.

HSM Executive MBAs and Alumni students are often health care professionals, from clinicians with management responsibilities to managers and executives in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, provider, payer, and supporting industries.

With their understanding of the industry, applicable skill sets, and professional network, HSM graduates have the necessary tools to become leaders innovating and improving health care across the globe.