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The Health Sector Management (HSM) Certificate offers an education in the interaction and interdependencies of health-related industries and organizations. Offered across all of Fuqua’s MBA programs, as well as to Fuqua MBA alumni, students earn the HSM certificate through a combination of required coursework, industry context electives, and breadth electives.  HSM course offerings and course content are continually being updated as a result of changes in this dynamic field.

A number of courses outside of HSM and outside of Fuqua may count towards the HSM certificate as breadth electives.  Course offerings vary from year to year and are subject to change based upon classroom space, student interest, and professor availability.

Duke University has interdisciplinary coursework across the schools of Medicine, Public Policy, Law, Nursing, and the Graduate School that may be of interest to some HSM students.  While these courses do not count towards the HSM certificate, students may find them captivating and relevant, and they may fulfill some of the MBA electives with approval from the Fuqua Registrar.  HSM has compiled a list of classes that may align with students’ interests here.