Course Listing

Daytime HSM Certificate Courses*
 Course Course Description Fall 1 Fall 2 Spring 1 Spring 2
Three Required HSM Courses
Hlthmgmt 705/706 Fundamentals of Health Sector Management (HSM Seminar) – Parts 1 & 2 (must take both halves)
705 706
Hlthmgmt 710 Health Institutions, Systems & Policy (HSM Bootcamp) x (July)      
Hlthmgmt 711 Health Care Markets     x  
      Three Electives

Students must take 3 courses (minimum 9 credits) from the lists below; at least one course must be from Set 1.

Set 1 – Industry Context Electives (must take 1)
Hlthmgmt 712 Medical Device Strategy x
Hlthmgmt 714 Provider Strategy x
Hlthmgmt 717 Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Strategy x
Set 2 – Experiential Breadth Electives
Hlthmgmt 716 Health Systems and Policy (Week in DC) x
Hlthmgmt 895 Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP) x x x x
Hlthmgmt 896 Duke University Hospital Experiential Learning Practicum (DUH ELP) x x x x
Strategy 848 New Ventures 1: Opportunity Evaluation x
Strategy 849 New Ventures 2: Strategy Development x
Strategy 850 New Ventures 2: Strategy Development Continued x
Strategy 851 New Ventures 3: Operating Plan Development x
Strategy 852 New Ventures 3: Operating Plan Development Continued x
      Set 3 – Fuqua Based Breadth Electives
Accountg 591 Managerial Accounting x x
Decision 611 Decision Models x
Decision 613 Strategic Modeling and Business Dynamics x
Decision 614 Forecasting x
Finance 646 Corporate Finance x x
Finance 651 Entrepreneurial Finance x
Fuqintrd 693 Irrational Choices, Unconscious Decisions, and Market Failure x
Hlthmgmt 898 Special Topics: Health Law and Policy (only offered every other year) x
Managemt 738 Managing Innovation in a Global Organization x
Managemt 745 Negotiation x x x
Managemt 746 Power & Politics in Organization  x
Managemt 748 Strategic Mgt of Human Assests & Organizational Change x
Marketing 796 Market Intelligence x
Marketing 802 Marketing of Innovations x
Marketing 808 Strategy and Tactics of Pricing x
Mgrecon 784 Game Theory for Strategic Advantage x
Strategy 838 Entrepreneurial Strategy x x
Strategy 840 Business Strategy by Firms Based in Emerging Market Economies x x
  Set 4 – Non Fuqua Breadth Electives
Glhlth 303 Global Health Systems and Policy (DGHI) x x
Nursing 967 Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship (School of Nursing) x x
PubPol 590 Advanced Topics: Comparative Health Care Systems (Sanford School of Public Policy) x x

* Course offerings and timing subject to change based upon availability of faculty, student interest, and classroom space.