Student Activities

Student Activities

Health Sector Management students are actively engaged at Fuqua and Duke beyond the classroom.  In addition to their coursework, many HSM students choose to participate in health care-focused student organizations, project opportunities, and other extracurricular programs.

HSM Fellows

The Health Sector Management (HSM) Fellows program institutionalizes a formal avenue for student input into HSM. These student representatives are passionate about HSM and represent the program when talking to prospective Fuqua students, current students, and alumni. They also focus on bridging the gap between the daytime and executive MBA students in HSM. Each year, the Fellows create an Annual Report, comprised of results from surveys and exit interviews with HSM students, as well as a Competitive Analysis, which will ensure continued excellence by keeping the Health Sector Management curriculum relevant and competitive with other leading business schools.

Duke MBA Health Care Club (HCC)

The Duke MBA Health Care Club (HCC) is a student-led club that helps educate members on career opportunities and industry trends throughout all facets of the health care sector. The club provides a forum for individuals to interact with industry professionals and alumni from prominent health care organizations.  Learn more on the HCC website.

Health Provider Association (HPA)

The Health Provider Association (HPA) is a diversity organization at Fuqua dedicated to understanding and highlighting the importance of health care provider perspectives. Celebrating the interdependence between clinical health care providers and business leaders in the health care industry, HPA members are not solely health care providers, but rather a variety of individuals passionate about working more effectively with such health care providers. Their activities include community-building events within Fuqua and connecting Fuqua to the broader Duke clinical community, professional events around education and career preparation, and other events that facilitate their mission of showing an effective linkage between business and health care delivery. As a diversity organization, HPA is formally open to all students and partners within Fuqua, and informally open to broader Duke students who are studying or interested in becoming a health care provider.  Learn more on the HPA website.

Institute for health care Improvement (IHI)

The Institute for health care Improvement (IHI) Open Chapter at Duke University is a coordinated group of scholars dedicated to the enhancement of health care through patient-centered quality improvement (QI) and safety research. Duke IHI seeks to empower its members to become change agents in the delivery of health care in their respective fields. Duke IHI accomplishes this mission by:

  • Serving as an interdisciplinary hub for students, health providers, engineers, policy makers, and hospital administrators to meet, communicate, and shape the university’s health care improvement goals
  • Providing guidance and support to individuals seeking to become involved in QI at Duke, through such efforts as the prestigious Quality & Innovation Scholars Program
  • Coordinating and organizing related workshops and speaker events for the broader Duke community

Membership to the IHI Open School is open to any student at Duke University. Any Duke employee or faculty may also become an affiliate member and attend open events. There are no membership fees.

Learn more on IHI’s website.