Helping Entrepreneurs During COVID-19

Get CASE Smart Impact Capital FREE for six months if you sign up before April 8.

Dear Friends,

 We are writing to you today because we know if you are an entrepreneur, accelerator program, funder, investor, event organization, membership group, government agency, or a university – OK, pretty much anyone – your world has turned upside down in the last week. The COVID19 virus pandemic is scary and it is affecting every part of our lives. 

We also know that much of the networking and trust-building on which entrepreneurs and investors depend comes from live events. You are likely worried about how you will raise or deploy capital during this time. And if you are an entrepreneur you might think you need to raise a little more right now to handle both slower revenues and all sorts of new risks. 

At CASE at Duke, our mission is to build impact leaders and help entrepreneurs scale their impact. We have been thinking about what we can do, quickly, to help entrepreneurs, whom we believe in so much, and those that support them. 

From now through April 8, we are making our online toolkit, CASE Smart Impact Capital, FREE for all who wish to register. Once you register, you’ll have six months of free access to the entire toolkit.

What is CASE Smart Impact Capital?

  • Professional, video-based online training products produced by CASE at Duke University
  • Operating since 2016, with expert input from hundreds of investors & entrepreneurs from around the world
  • Helping more than 25,000 visitors strategize, target and close the right deal
  • Bite-sized, globally relevant, with a 94% satisfaction level
  • Used by nearly 50 partners, who include some of the best accelerators, networks and universities in the world.

This training works. Here’s what an entrepreneur in Ghana told us about its impact on his business:

“I feel a sense of duty to say thank you for being granted a license for the CASE Smart Impact Capital program. As a result of the support I received, I have been able to successfully raise debt funding of US$750,000 for my social enterprise in Ghana from a group of private investors in Ghana. It is usually difficult to achieve this in my kind of market. Having signed for it, we have just received the first tranche of US$250,000 and we are more than glad.”

And there’s more.

Signing up in the next two weeks will also enter your name into the invitation list for a Live Webinar on Managing Impact Investment Fundraising During COVID19 that we will hold in April for entrepreneurs and others wanting support and advice about investment raising during this difficult time. Cathy Clark of CASE at Duke and Caroline Bressan of Open Road Alliance will host. Sign up for CASE Smart Impact Capital to be invited to that webinar at and use the discount code: COVID19 to register for free, by April 8, 2020.

Lastly, we are creating a searchable database for capital sources for entrepreneurs at risk due to COVID19. Please use this form to add additional resources and to sign up for our email list – we have over 65 new capital resources already offering over $550 million. Please add to the list today and help spread the word! 

We hope to see you online!

Best wishes, 

Cathy Clark and the CASE at Duke team