Welcome 2023-2024 CASE and CASE i3 Fellows

Each year, CASE selects a group of Fuqua MBAs to serve as CASE and CASE i3 Fellows.  These students have stood out to us in their passion and commitment to taking a deeper dive into their social impact or impact investing learning with their peers, and in their ability to act as ambassadors for CASE’s work within Fuqua and beyond.  Serving as a Fellow is consistently rated by graduates as one of their most transformational experiences at Fuqua.  This year’s Fellows bring a wide variety of experience to their fellowship cohort – from previous work in education, to founding start-ups, to working with urban infrastructure projects across Africa, to global health – and we are so looking forward to seeing how this group grows together in their understanding of how to drive positive change in the world. 

Meet this year’s CASE and CASE i3 Fellows!

2023-2024 CASE Fellows

Maria Castrillon

Before Fuqua: Education and Fundraising Strategy

Area of Interest: Creating a world where business for good is the norm.

Summer Internship: Alvarez & Marsal – Public Sector Service

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Thomas Cheng

Before Fuqua: Education Technology

Area of Interest: Scaling solutions to help people unlock opportunities and live better lives.

Summer Internship: NCIdea

Arya Diwase, CASE Fellowship Co-Lead

Before Fuqua: Education Access and Founder, Application Ally

Area of Interest: Using entrepreneurial skills to bring sustainable community change.

Summer Internship: Travel to India to pilot new venture Himayat, a digital employment benefits platform for female domestic workers in India.

Hometown: India

Stephen Ezekoye

Before Fuqua: Director of Early Engagement, Teach for America

Area of Interest: How collaboration between the public sector, governmental bodies and the private sector can close access gaps and increase opportunities for economic mobility in underserved communities.

Summer Internship: City Center in New York

Hometown: Laurel, Maryland

Raiven Greenberg

Before Fuqua: Climate and Sustainability Consulting

Area of Interest: Climate justice and its intersection with equity.

Summer Internship: REDF Climate Corps Fellow

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Hans Grohs

Before Fuqua: Education Policy Consulting

Area of Interest: The intersection of education, policy and business to support socially minded organizations.

Summer Internship: Fellow at start-up charter school in Houston

Fuqua & Community Engagement: Fuqua on Board, ALMA Cabinet Member

Hometown: Chile

Erin Kirton

Before Fuqua: Wind Energy Engineer

Area of Interest: Climate tech venture capital and the social impact that startups can achieve through disrupting traditional energy systems.

Summer Internship: Powerhouse Ventures

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Monica Macheca, CASE Fellowship Co-Lead

Before Fuqua: Global Health Economics Analysis

Area of Interest: Global public health and the role of the private sector in addressing social issues.

Summer Internship: Travel to India to support operation of social start-ups Himayat and Application Ally

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Caitlin Mason

Before Fuqua: Arts Fundraising

Area of Interest: Food systems and how to develop better sustainability initiatives and drive social and environmental impact.

Summer Internship: Sr. Marketing Manager Intern at Amazon in New York.

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Elizabeth Priore

Before Fuqua: Market Research Consulting

Area of Interest: Sustainability and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs)

Summer Internship: Associate Brand Manager Intern at Conagra Brands

Hometown: Buffalo New York

Gabby Rogers

Before Fuqua: Ecological Engineering and Climate Consulting

Area of Interest: Developing mitigation and adaptation strategies for developing countries

Summer Internship: McKinsey Consulting

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

The following students are CASE and CASE i3 Fellows

Annie Forrest, CASE i3 Fellowship Co-Chair

Before Fuqua: Relationship Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention, One Love Foundation

Area of Interest: How impact investing and economic development can create greater equity within rural communities, particularly in the Appalachian region.

Summer Internship: Faber Fellow, REDF

Hometown: Richards, Virginia

Kandasi Griffiths

Before Fuqua: Global Health and Founder, SR Collaborative

Area of Interest: Strengthening her impact-focused community and exploring interdisciplinary issues across the sector

Summer Internship: Summer Associate, Social Finance

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Queen Nwokonneya

Before Fuqua: International Development Program Manager, Adam Smith International

Area of Interest: Driving industrialization and growth in emerging markets.

Summer Internship: McKinsey Consulting

Hometown: Nigeria

2023-2024 CASE i3 Fellows

Varun Chintalapati

Before Fuqua: ESG Analyst, Asset Management

Area of Interest: Driving investment and engagement towards businesses that are most capable of impacting the environment and society.

Summer Internship: Sustainable Investment Group

Hometown: Hyderabad & Chennai, India

Marielena Octavio

Before Fuqua: Climate and Sustainability Non-Profit

Area of Interest: Transforming financial systems that are driving inequity and the climate crisis to further justice, equity, and sustainability.

Summer Internship: Investment Stewardship at Vanguard with an interest in ESG

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela

Tom Tagliaferro

Before Fuqua: Real Estate Finance

Summer Internship: Citi Group as a Financial Management Associate.

Hometown: Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Sarah Grace Tucker, CASE i3 Fellowship Co-Chair

Before Fuqua: Consulting at MasterCard

Area of Interest: Energy finance; helping more Fuqua students learn about and engage with impact investing.

Summer Internship: NextEra Energy – Power Generation Division

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Ryan Van Slyke

Before Fuqua: Social Policy and Consulting

Area of Interest: Using tools of business, policy, and civil society to improve and invest in the wellbeing and livelihoods of communities.

Summer Internship: ESG Summer Associate at State Street Global Advisors

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Ritika Rao

Before Fuqua: Portfolio Analyst, Nephila Climate

Area of Interest: Leadership and client-facing experience. The opportunity to deep-dive into a pertinent sector within the impact investing space.

Summer plans:
Boston Consulting Group

Hometown: Bangalore, India