CASE Chats

Teju Ravilochan, Uncharted, on Scaling Impact and Building Trust

Teju Ravilochan is co-founder and former CEO of Uncharted (formerly Unreasonable Institute), which he started immediately after college with Tyler Hartung and Daniel Epstein. Before Uncharted, he spent nearly a year as executive assistant to Paul Polak, founder of iDE, …

Sally Osberg, Skoll Foundation, on Effective Social Entrepreneurship

Sally Osberg, President and CEO of the Skoll Foundation, is an expert on social entrepreneurship, has led ground-breaking work with the Skoll Foundation since 2001, and is co-author of “Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works.”  We’ve captured key insights …

Paul Sansone, TechCXO, on Raising Capital as a Social Venture

Paul Sansone

With decades of experience in financials for social ventures, including Better World Books, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and most recently TechCXO, Paul Sansone knows what it takes to raise capital for your social impact organization. Learn what impact …

Aaron Walker, Camelback Ventures, on Inclusive Social Entrepreneurship

Aaron Walker Camelback

How do we create a more inclusive entrepreneurial space? Aaron Walker, Founder and CEO of Camelback Ventures, shares his insights into minority representation in social entrepreneurship, how we can better connect underrepresented entrepreneurs with capital, and the future of the …

Debra Schwartz, MacArthur Foundation, on Foundations & Impact Investing

Debra Schwartz

Debra Schwartz, Managing Director of the MacArthur Foundation’s impact investing work, talks about how private foundations can serve as catalytic investors, the future of impact investing, and the critical skills needed to be a successful impact investor.

Tom Mitchell, Cambridge Associates, on Impact Investing’s Potential

Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell, Managing Director of Cambridge Associates, shares misconceptions he sees in the impact investing field, what social entrepreneurs need to know about impact investors, and how the field is evolving.

Wendy Kopp, Teach for America, on Scaling Social Impact

Wendy Kopp TFA Teach for All

Wendy Kopp, Co-Founder and CEO of Teach for All, talks about her work scaling Teach for America and Teach for All, adapting the model to other countries, and what we need in the education space today.

Matthew Thomas, Paddle, on Tri-Sector Leadership

Matthew Thomas Paddle

Matthew Thomas, Managing Partner of Paddle, takes a look at the meaning of tri-sector leadership, what does it really take to be a tri-sector leader, and how to engage all three sectors.

Leigh Morgan, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, on Tri-Sector Leadership

Leigh Morgan Gates Foundation

Leigh Morgan, Chief Operation Officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, discusses trends she sees in the social impact space, tri-sector leadership, and scaling impact.

Bonny Moellenbrock, Investors’ Circle, on Impact Investing & Tri-Sector Leadership

Bonny Moellenbrock Investors' Circle

Bonny Moellenbrock, Executive Director of Durham-based impact investing network Investors’ Circle, discusses the need for tri-sector leadership in impact investing and how to talk with different investors, exciting trends in the field, and the role of Investors’ Circle in the …