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At CASE, we are obsessed with one question: How do social impact leaders leap the chasm from innovative idea to sustainable impact at scale?

Active engagement with current practitioners in  the social enterprise and impact investing sectors is key to answering that question.  Social impact leaders can connect with CASE’s work through our executive education offerings, our online tools, our student engagement programs, and our vast Knowledge Center.

Executive Education

In a rapidly evolving field, continuing to hone the skills, build the habits, and cultivate the mindsets needed to create impact at scale has never been more important.  CASE has opportunities for social impact leaders to learn – in-person – from cutting-edge  thinkers and doers in social impact and impact investing.

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Online Tools

CASE transforms rigorous research, real-life experiences, and hard-won lessons from other social impact leaders into practical , accessible online tools for leaders of social ventures, accelerators, and impact investors.  Our tools help you understand how to focus your limited time, energy,and resources to have the greatest impact.

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Engage with Students

Through engaging with students, social ventures and impact investors have the opportunity to bring  innovative ,new perspectives and additional bandwidth to their organizations.  Practitioners also have the unique opportunity to provide advice and insights to the future leaders in the social impact sector.

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