Engage with Students

When you partner with CASE by engaging with students, you provide our MBA’s with an opportunity to put their classroom learnings into a day-to-day context. Our partners who engage with students regularly find that they benefit greatly from the insight and work of students.

There are a number of ways to engage with CASE students. Organizations interested in engaging students should consider how the opportunities align with the organization’s needs and capacity.

CASE staff review all client organization applications to ensure the right fit with our student population.  Most programs allow students to choose which organizations they would like to work with and there are many more proposals submitted than student capacity each year.

Please see the chart below for guidance in which program might be right for your organization:

1-2 students on project Team of students on project Organization local to Duke Organization not local to Duke Participation fee for organization Topic area
Fuqua on Board X X Any
CASE i3 CP X X X X Impact investing
Mentored study X X Any
Independent study X X X Any

For more information on the various programs, please see below:

 Fuqua on Board (FOB)

The Fuqua on Board (FOB) program matches Fuqua MBA students with Durham-area nonprofits to serve as non-voting board members. Over the course of a year-long apprenticeship, pairs of students work closely with a board mentor, participate regularly in board meetings, complete a Board-related project, and attend relevant committee meetings.  Read more.

Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP)

The Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP) is an experiential learning course where students apply content learned in their graduate coursework to real challenges facing businesses and community-based organizations. Clients participating in this program work collaboratively with a small team of Fuqua students and benefit from the fresh perspectives and actionable recommendations they provide. Read more.

CASE i3 Consulting Program (CASE i3CP)

The CASE i3 Consulting Program (CASE i3CP) offers your organization the opportunity to engage with a team of carefully selected MBA students on an impact investing question you are currently addressing. Your organization will benefit from the passion, fresh perspective, and technical expertise our students bring to the i3CP.  Our students benefit from the opportunity to apply their academic learning to an of-the-moment issue in the impact investing space. Read more.

Mentored Study

Students who enroll in the mentored study program commit to spending at least two hours per week on-site with a sponsoring mentor organization during each week of the program (14 weeks). In addition, students will spend whatever additional time is necessary to complete assignments for the partner organization. Expectations are that this will be an additional six or more hours per week. Thus, the total commitment is a minimum of eight hours per week scheduled at the convenience of both parties.  Contact CASE for more information.

Independent Study

Second-year MBA students have the opportunity to engage in a study of special topics on an individual basis under the supervision of a faculty member. Contact CASE for more information.

Find an intern or employee at Fuqua

The Career Management Center can help connect your organization with qualified candidates for internships or job opportunities.  Read more.

Speak at Fuqua

Throughout the year, many guest speakers participate in classes and events at Fuqua. Contact CASE for more information.

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