ExecEd: CASE Impact Academy

CASE prepares leaders and organizations with the business skills needed to achieve lasting social change. The CASE Impact Academy helps busy managers learn how to improve their impact on social and environmental problems. Since 2001, we have trained thousands of enterprises, investors, nonprofit leaders and other managers and our programs are consistently highly rated as practical and helpful.

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ESG & Impact Management for Enterprises


Our new live and cohort-based training helps C-Suite leaders and managers cut through the noise in the rapidly expanding ESG and impact field to immediately and confidently enhance their impact management practices. We have simplified decades of research and guidance into four universal steps of impact measurement and management. Within each step, we focus on the specific actions, tools, and processes you can adopt to immediately enhance your practices and set a course for continual improvement in impact management over time.

Smart Scaling: Map Your Path


We spoke to enterprises and funders about the paths to impact at scale. We know where enterprise managers get stuck. We know what funders say they need to see to have confidence in a plan for scale. Let us help you map your path to impact at scale. Through this 3-session live virtual training  we will use practitioner lessons and funder insights to help you build a robust plan and pitch to scale your impact.

Impact Measurement & Management for the SDGs


Are you ready to improve impact management for your enterprise or investment firm and align with emerging standards? Sponsored by the UN Development Programme, developed by CASE, and used by thousands of learners, our free self-paced training is now available on Coursera.