Why Fuqua?

At Fuqua we aim to create leaders of consequence equipped to address global problems with honed business skills. CASE’s programs prepare students to create lasting social change across all sectors and industries. Some students may become social entrepreneurs themselves, but many will affect change by becoming leaders of impact organizations (both for-profit and nonprofit); impact investors; corporate social innovators; consultants; Board members, and more. Our goal is to provide students with world-class knowledge and hands-on practice so that they are well-rounded, global change agents ready to have an impact in their lives and careers.

At Fuqua you will have access to a robust curriculum, extra-curricular programming, financial aid, career planning support, cutting-edge research, speakers, and practitioners.

At Fuqua we offer a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship, award-winning elective courses related to social entrepreneurship, business for good, impact investing, and practicum opportunities for students to engage in real-world social impact work. Extracurricular opportunities include the award-winning Net Impact Club, Fuqua on Board (a nonprofit board fellowship), CASE and CASE i3 (Initiative on Impact Investing) Fellowships, and so much more.

Watch the virtual information session below to hear more about our work and to consider your place within our community: