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The Future of Leadership in the Electric Utility Industry

COLE and the Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment (EDGE), teamed up to explore how three trends are shaping the future of leadership in the electric utility industry.  Workforce demographic shifts, transformative industry change, and the changing nature …

LifeChat with SecAF Deborah James

In this COLE LifeChat, Deborah James, 23rd Secretary of the United States Air Force, talks personal development, effective mentoring, diversity and inclusion. A key takeaway: “Diversity is important if you want to be top notch in innovation.”  

COLE Thought-Pieces

COLE Thought-Pieces, featured in high-level national and academic publications, center around topics that can contribute to the leadership development of our readers leadership, ethics, social impact, networking, culture building, value creation, collaboration and team work. Access our catalog of thought-pieces.

COLE launches #ExceptionalCareer Series

What are the leadership perspectives and tools for building an exceptional career?  The #ExceptionalCareers Series is a catalyst to create a movement redefining career success as one of meaning, purpose, and growth. #ExceptionalCareer Series is geared for millennials, and inspired …

LAUNCHcast: Podcast of Champions

Is there a tradeoff between pursuing personal passions and having professional success? How can you set yourself up for a fulfilling career? Empower yourself with strategies for meaningful success by listening to our new LAUNCHCast: Podcast of Champions Read More …