Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary for Infrastructure

U.S. Department of Energy

With over two decades of industry experience leading, managing, and consulting on a wide range of sustainability, clean energy, and technology issues, Elaine Hsieh is passionate about the power of multi-stakeholder alignment. Elaine is currently focused on increasing and expanding market adoption of critical clean energy infrastructure technologies through the Office of the Under Secretary for Infrastructure at the U.S. Department of Energy. Before joining the DOE, Elaine was the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Third Derivative, a global climate tech accelerator created by Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and New Energy Nexus to rapidly find, fund and scale climate innovation globally. Prior to D3, Elaine was widely recognized as the program director for GreenBiz VERGE, the premier global event series focused on scaling solutions that bridge technology, sustainability, and systems thinking. She has also had careers as a green building consultant, utility business strategist, engineer, and technologist. Elaine graduated from Duke University with a master’s degree in engineering management and a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering.