Dan Vermeer speaks on the opportunities inherent in energy efficiency

EDGE executive director Dan Vermeer spoke about energy efficiency as a business opportunity at last week’s ABB Automation & Power World 2011. You can read the recap at: “The real impact of energy efficiency on the bottom line” – ABB website, Apr. 20, 2011 “Finally, Energy Efficiency’s Day in the Sun: Discussing Existing and Future […]

New Duke study on Industrial Energy Efficiency

One of EDGE’s partners at Duke is the Center for Globalization, Governance, and Competitiveness (CGGC), led by Dr. Gary Gereffi.  Coming out of the research that EDGE and CGGC pursued last year on low carbon competitiveness, we learned about the innovative efforts that companies are pursuing to close the “efficiency gap.”  In most companies, there […]

More on energy efficiency lessons from EDF Climate Corps

Our friends over at EDF Climate Corps have done a great job of highlighting the key insights from our recent conference on “Capturing the Energy Efficiency Opportunity: Lessons from EDF Climate Corps.” Emily Reyna, a Climate Corps graduate and current EDF employee, discusses the day’s topics, and the value that the participants gained from attending […]

Capturing the energy efficiency opportunity

by Dan Vermeer, executive director, EDGE Energy efficiency is not a new idea.  In a way, it is a fundamental characteristic of capitalist economies, since companies are constantly hunting for opportunities to produce more economic value at a lower cost, so finding ways of reducing the amount of energy used per unit of output is […]