Week in DC: An eye-opening experience into the healthcare arena

Saj JoyThis was my first HSM course and what an amazing start!  This week in DC course set high expectations and exceeded them all!  The diversity of speakers encompassed a wide range of healthcare leaders.  From being able to sit and have a fireside chat with Sen. Burr of NC at his U.S. Senate office to hearing presentations by Dr. Bilheimer from the Congressional Budget Office, a variety of perspectives were presented.  Speakers representing government agencies (CMS to the FDA), to insurance representatives (America’s Health Insurance Plans), to pollsters and lobbyist were included.  Private enterprise (Advisory Board to Private Equity opportunities) was also represented.  This was an eye-opening experience into the healthcare arena – very different from my perspective as a practicing physician.  This was truly a balanced week with something that would appeal to anyone entering the US healthcare space.

I would encourage anyone interested in the rapidly evolving US healthcare space to take advantage of this unique opportunity available to Fuqua students!