HSM Student Profile: Anjana Ganti

HSM Student Profile: Anjana Ganti (Class of 2021)

Prior Education: Rice University
Hometown: Warren, NJ
Nationality: USA

Why I Chose Fuqua

I chose Fuqua because of the academics, location and community. With the Health Sector Management Certificate, I knew that I would build on my general business knowledge, while also addressing my passion for health care. I also knew that I wanted a school that was not in a big city so that I had more opportunities to build connections with my peers, and Fuqua’s location in Durham and its tight knit Team Fuqua community ultimately made it the perfect fit!

Before Fuqua

I worked in Revenue Operations as a financial analyst at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston’s Texas Medical Center. I served as a liaison between the CFO and the nursing units across the hospital and identified high dollar charging errors across units and implemented process improvement fixes to ensure they didn’t happen again.

Anjana on Why She Chose Fuqua

After Fuqua

I hope to continue my career in health care by working across all sectors to improve the patient and physician experience. I want to gain real-world experience in the medical device and payer industries before returning to provider operations.

5 Best Health Care Club Events

  1. The Health Care Conference is the Health Care Club’s flagship event that brings together students, clinicians, and business leaders from across the country to discuss business and policy issues affecting the health care sector. It’s a fantastic day filled with keynote speeches, fireside chats and panels that is a must-attend for anyone interested in health care.
  2. Lifeline is a coordinated roadmap program that was developed specifically for first-year students to learn about and prepare to recruit for internships in the health sector. Second-year students help support first-year students by guiding them through the different aspects of recruiting. This series was extremely helpful for me as I navigated through the recruiting process!
  3. Week-in-cities is an opportunity for first-year students to travel during fall break and visit companies to gain better perspective on internship and full-time positions. It’s a great way to get exposed to companies that may not visit campus.
  4. Health Care Club holds a Mock “Super Day” in which second-year students act as interviewers to give first-year students the opportunity to practice interviewing in the “super day” format. This was such great practice and the feedback that I received helped me so much as I was preparing for interviews!
  5. Besides helping with professional guidance, the Health Care Club also holds socials events like Wine Night every semester to help foster a sense of community within our club. These events have been some of my favorites because they are a great opportunity to step back and spend time getting to know your classmates.

The Health Sector Management (HSM) Track

The Health Sector Management Certificate is one of the main reasons I chose Fuqua. The resources for students interested in health care surpassed any other school that I looked at, and my experience so far has even gone beyond my expectations. Through classroom lectures and discussions with fellow students, I feel prepared to enter the workforce and have a positive impact on the way health care runs in America.