State of the Field of Impact Investing

Cathy Clark (CASE Faculty Director), Monique Aiken (The Investment Integration Project), and Fran Seegull (US Impact Investing Alliance) partnered with ImpactAlpha to discuss the State of the Field of Impact Investing, a nearly decade-long annual tradition. The trio discussed the global hardships of the current moment – from multiple crises to the status of the UN’s SDGs, the majority of which are […]

Three Lessons for Impact Investing Education Programs

By Cathy Clark and Carrie Gonnella Academic institutions can help build the impact investing field by teaching students a fuller suite of skills, clarifying the range of career paths open to them, and developing a better theoretical and practical knowledge base.

White House Roundtable on Impact Investing: Commitment Tracking Report I got the call from the White House, in May 2014. “We’re going to have some major new commitments of impact investment capital at the meeting in June. Would you be interested in helping us track how the money is spent?” What do you say to a call like that when you run an […]

Impact Investing in Action: Secrets to Success and Future Implications

Cathy Clark, Director of the CASE Initiative on Impact Investing and Co-Author of The Impact Investor: Lessons in Leadership and Strategy for Collaborative Capitalism, discusses how investors, foundations, public officials, students and others can engage and succeed in the dynamic and fast-growing field of impact investing. The conversation is moderated by MacArthur’s Director of Impact […]

Impact Investing and Tri-Sector Leadership

This is a recording of a April 2015 live Fuqua Faculty Conversation, Impact Investing and Tri-Sector Leadership, with Cathy Clark, Adjunct Professor and Faculty Director of CASE and CASE i3.

Collaborative Capitalism and the Rise of Impact Investing

This ebook puts a lens on the underlying practices that bridge impact investing and risk mitigation finance, and outlines the transformations taking place in finance itself, driven by more cross-sector, transparent relationships in the service of creating long-term value for multiple stakeholders, not just shareholders. This ebook is Chapter 1 of the book The Impact […]

Essential Steps to Building a University Impact Investing Programme: The Case of Duke University

By Cathy Clark and Grace Webster The World Economic Forum asked CASE i3 to write an article about the role that universities can play in building the impact investing field to contribute to the WEF report entitled From Ideas to Practice, Pilots to Strategy II: Practical Solutions and Actionable Insights on How to Do Impact […]

Toniic E-Guide: Early-Stage Global Impact Investing

The goal of this e- guide is to help those with an interest in investing in early-stage impact enterprises learn how this work is being done by their peers from wherever they are in the world. Using “The 7-Step Framework”, this guide aims to help investors, especially those exploring how impact investing compares to their […]

Impact Investing 2.0: The Way Forward – Insight from 12 Outstanding Funds

This report, released on November 7, 2013, was created in partnership with InSight at Pacific Community Ventures and Impact Assets, and identifies twelve high-performing funds that have seen both financial and social returns on their investments, making an evidence-based case for a new 2.0 era of impact investing. Pacific Community Ventures, Impact Assets, The Fuqua […]

A Market Emerges: The Six Dynamics of Impact Investing

By Cathy Clark, Jed Emerson and Ben Thornley Impact investing is taking shape as a distinct activity, with its own unique stakeholder relationships and operational strategies. As dozens of new funds are created explicitly to tackle the world’s most intractable social and environmental problems, including over 60 globally in 2011, the diverse practices of impact […]