HSM Student Profile: Doug Akay

HSM Student Profile: Doug Akay (Class of 2021)

Prior Education: Pace University, Touro College
Hometown: Izmir, Turkey
Nationality: Turkey

Why I Chose Fuqua

My partner and I wanted to be in an inclusive community without the distractions of a large city to have an immersive experience. I remember talking to alumni and the students in the program about Fuqua and being impressed with their willingness to share their story but also listen to mine. Ultimately, the strength of the health care offerings at Fuqua and Duke made it an easy decision to chose Fuqua.


Before Fuqua

I spent three years getting my doctorate in physical therapy right after undergrad in New York City. I completed my clinical rotations in various settings and worked for two large academic medical centers in Manhattan. I worked with countless patients and developed an interest in solving the complex problems in the payer/provider space.

Doug on Classroom Diversity

After Fuqua

I spent my summer internship with McKinsey & Company’s New Jersey office and I will be returning upon graduation. I plan on working with the health care practice and develop an expertise within the payer, provider, and public health space.

Doug on Identifying a Career Path

5 Favorite Activities at Fuqua

  1. Fuqua Fridays: Although it takes place most Fridays, the student body always looks forward to this event to catch up friends and faculty. It’s fantastic to see the entire Fuqua community come together as the entire student body and families fill Fox Center to connect over food and drinks.
  2. Orientation: This is where we find out which section we’re in and officially begin our Fuqua journey. Second years do a fantastic job in welcoming the incoming class as Section Olympics kick off and we meet most of our classmates for the first time.
  3. Campout: This is a must attend event if you’re a Duke basketball fan like I am! Participants spend two days camping at Krzyzewskiville right by Cameron Indoor Stadium and enter a lottery to win season tickets.
  4. Running on the Al Buehler Trail: I’m an avid runner and try to take full advantage of the yearlong great weather by going on runs with my classmates. The scenic Al Buehler trail is minutes away from Fuqua and makes it possible to get a run in on a busy day between classes.
  5. FuquaVision: Our incredibly talented classmates put together the perfect Fuqua comedy show at the end of each semester. It’s typically screened right after the last Fuqua Friday of the semester and the entire Fuqua community watches it together in Geneen.

The Health Sector Management (HSM) Track

Working in direct patient care made me realize that there are countless opportunities, as well as problems to solve in the US health care industry. The learning opportunities I had through the HSM program further fueled my passion for the industry through exposure to my classmates with diverse backgrounds, incredibly knowledgeable professors, and a discussion-driven yet collaborative classroom experience.